➝ Canegrowers

➝ Canegrowers

Canegrowers, or Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd (QCGO), has been a stalwart advocate for sugarcane farming families in Queensland since 1926. As a not-for-profit public company, Canegrowers unites 13 local grower companies across Queensland, providing a unified voice for the industry 🌾

Canegrowers members include a diverse array of large and small farms, individuals, families, and corporations. This diversity informs their priorities, all aligned with the shared goal of securing a prosperous future for the sugarcane sector 👨‍🌾

Canegrowers actively engages in local, state, national, and international platforms, allowing grower members to shape policies. Their values encompass accountability to members, professionalism, effective communication, and community consciousness 🌏

Miriwinni Lime & Gypsum proudly supports Canegrowers’ dedication to the sugarcane industry, contributing 10 Tonnes of Lime Spread as a prize for each of the annual Tully, South Johnstone and Tableland Canegrowers Productivity Awards 🏆

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