Australian Owned and Operated

About Us

We are a vertically integrated Australian owned and operated company that extracts, produces, transports and spreads natural agricultural and industrial minerals across Queensland and beyond.

Our Story

100% Australian owned and operated, supplying high quality agricultural and industrial minerals since 1979.

Miriwinni Lime and Gypsum (MLG) was founded by the Wilkins family during the 1970s after they identified a growing need to optimise the condition of their cane farm soils to improve crop yields. This challenge saw them secure their first limestone deposit at Mount Garnet in Far North Queensland.

Following this, the company expanded, first to service its neighbours and then established a more sophisticated supply, distribution, and spreading network in North Queensland. During this time other mineral deposits like dolomite, calcium silicate and gypsum were secured to supply the growing demand for sweeter soil.
In 2021 Australian Agricultural Minerals (AAM) purchased MLG and were provided the opportunity to continue the legacy of the Wilkins family. In 2023, MLG, under the guidance of AAM, remain committed to proudly source, supply and spread quality minerals that improve soil and crop performance across a wide variety of farming operations and other industrial industries of Queensland and beyond.

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Australian Agricultural Minerals

Our Vision

Australian Agricultural Minerals understands that the ongoing sustainable stewardship of our land, resources and environment is critical to the ongoing success of our business and those of our customers. As a result, we continue to strive for safe, sustainable solutions to all of our business activities and promote interaction and discussion of these opportunities to improve our business, the communities we operate in, and the wider environment.

We aim to do this through effective use of our raw materials, our commitment to energy reduction and ongoing work in efficient and safe product development.

David Smith, CEO, Australian Agricultural Minerals

Our Network

We service
all of Queensland

Australian Agricultural Minerals (AAM) is an Australian owned and operated company providing Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Dolomite, and other specialty minerals to the Agricultural, Livestock, Mining and Manufacturing industries across Queensland.


Our fleet of trucks cover fallow ground, ratoon cane, pasture, road stabilisation, prawn ponds and other special applications

Soil Conditioning

Raise soil PH and reduce acidity, supply calcium and magnesium to your fields and improve the uptake of NPK


Our animal feed lime is an essential calcium supplement designed to increase livestock performance

Decorative Stone

We supply high grade limestone rock for aggregate and polished concrete flooring