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Mining Resources

Queensland Resources

Mineral Deposits

All of our products come from naturally occurring mineral deposits in and around Queensland and we own and operate a vast majority of these sites ourselves. We do this to ensure we have direct access to the raw materials for our products and control and understand the supply chain, and have the ability to monitor and manage the quality of our products.

  • Limestone (lime) is supplied and produced at Mt Garnet and Chillagoe in Queensland
  • Dolomite is supplied and produced at Mt Garnet in Queensland
  • Gypsum is supplied from several deposits around Winton in Queensland
  • Calcium Silicate is supplied and produced at Chilligoe in Queensland
  • Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Carbonate and Rock Phosphate are sourced via third party producers from deposits that are all located in Queensland

The production processes all vary slightly at each site but generally include the following activities;

  • Blasting and extraction of rock
  • Primary crushing
  • Secondary milling
  • Screening and sizing
  • Packaging and storage
Our production sites are all managed and operated in accordance with Queensland mining and environmental regulations and run by local Queenslanders.


Our fleet of trucks cover fallow ground, ratoon cane, pasture, road stabilisation, prawn ponds and other special applications

Soil Conditioning

Raise soil PH and reduce acidity, supply calcium and magnesium to your fields and improve the uptake of NPK


Our animal feed lime is an essential calcium supplement designed to increase livestock performance

Decorative Stone

We supply high grade limestone rock for aggregate and polished concrete flooring