➝ Babinda Harvest Festival

➝ Babinda Harvest Festival

Welcome to the Babinda Harvest Festival, 🌾an annual celebration nestled in the heart of tropical North Queensland. The festival celebrates both the town’s women and the good harvest. It began on October 27, 1962, and used to be called the “Babinda Sugar Harvest Festival” by Bellenden Kerr Junior Farmers. This vibrant event pays homage to our rich agricultural heritage and the abundance it bestows upon us.

This festival is a day filled with family-friendly fun, where the tight-knit community comes together to celebrate the unique flavours, traditions, and talents that define this beautiful and historic town. The festival proudly showcases tractors 🚜 that span generations of farm service, from timeless workhorses to the cutting-edge, high-tech marvels of today. These tractors take center stage not only in the pull events but also in the grand street parade, offering a captivating glimpse into the evolution of agricultural machinery.

As you explore, your senses will be treated to a culinary feast featuring local food stalls showcasing tropical fruits 🍌 and gourmet delights. Enjoy live music, cultural performances, and activities suitable for all ages. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a music aficionado, or simply seeking an unforgettable day out, the Babinda Harvest Festival guarantees an experience that highlights the very essence of our community and the natural beauty of our lush surroundings. 🌴

Join us in upholding this beloved tradition that unites us in celebrating the harvest season like no other. The Babinda Harvest Festival invites one and all to experience the authentic taste of tropical paradise! 🌞

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