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Supplying the highest quality natural calcium supplements for animal and poultry feeds, feedlot supplements and stock licks.

Natural health

An Essential Mineral

Calcium carbonate is an important component for the healthy growth and development of all livestock and domestic animals and is regularly used in feed supplements. It supports bone and skeleton development in young animals, helps with milk production in cattle, assists in the retention of nutrients and strengthens eggshells for egg laying hens.

Produced at Mt Garnet & Chillagoe


Lime (CaCO3) is a strong source of Calcium (Ca) and is used in stock feeds, aquaculture, and an inert filler in many other industrial applications. Powdered lime is popular in a variety of stock feed blends.

Produced at Mt Garnet

Fine Grit

Fine Grit is a 1mm sized calcium carbonate product that is manufactured at our Mt Garnet site using a standard crushing, milling, and sizing process. The finished product is off-white to grey in colour and is used in a variety of stockfeed blends and poultry feeds.