➝ Sugar Research Australia

➝ Sugar Research Australia

Miriwinni Lime & Gypsum is proud to extend its support to Sugar Research Australia (SRA), the dedicated sugarcane research institution in Australia. This critical institution was created in 2013 and serves as the industry’s vital research and development arm 🔬

At SRA, their mission is to enhance sustainability in the Australian sugarcane industry through research and development. They focus on national priorities and deliver science-driven solutions at the local level. This is made possible by diverse funding, including contributions from the sugarcane levy, co-contributions from the Commonwealth Government, and grants from government agencies 🌱

Collaborating closely with growers, millers, and service providers, SRA’s research spans across ten locations, from Meringa in North Queensland to Broadwater in northern New South Wales. Their relentless commitment to meaningful research impacts on the field is aligned with our vision at Miriwinni Lime & Gypsum, where sustainability and innovation flourish 🌿

In November 2023, Australian Agricultural Minerals (AAM) and SRA co-hosted a guided tour of MLG’s Mt Garnet Mine and Processing Plant.
Learn more about our collaborative efforts and guided mine tour below:
➝ AAM & SRA Co-Hosted Guided Tour of Mt Garnet Mine and Processing Plant
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