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At Miriwinni Lime & Gypsum we supply all the necessary natural resources to improve and maintain optimal soil pH levels. When using our quality products on your farm you’ll be assured of the best yield.

Soil Conditioning

Raise soil PH and reduce acidity, supply calcium and magnesium to your fields and improve the uptake of NPK


Our animal feed lime is an essential calcium supplement designed to increase livestock performance


Our fleet of trucks cover fallow ground, ratoon cane, pasture, road stabilisation, prawn ponds and other special applications

Mineral Deposits

All of our products come from naturally occurring mineral deposits in and around Queensland

A Greener Way

Soil Conditioning

We work closely with Queensland farmers, growers and primary producers to manufacture and supply a wide range of high-quality natural minerals that support soil rehabilitation, promote optimal growing conditions and enhance animal health.

Soil Conditioning Products

Lime – (CaCO3) is a strong source of Calcium (Ca) and is used to raise soil pH (reduce soil acidity) which in turn improves the uptake of NPK fertilisers.
Dolomite – (CaMg(CO3)2) is often used to adjust soil pH in the same way as lime with the added benefit of Magnesium (Mg) to assist in balancing the soils Calcium to Magnesium ratio. A good ratio assists in moving nutrients through the plant.
Gypsum (CaSO4.2H20) is used as a quick source of calcium (Ca) but does not adjust the pH of the soil. The sulphur (S) in the gypsum supports and enhances the photosynthesis process. Gypsum is used as a clay breaker to help with water penetration and retention in areas that are irrigated. 
Calcium Silicate (Ca2SiO4 / Ca2SiO3) is a naturally occurring mineral (not mixed) which adjusts soil acidity similar to lime with the added benefit of silicon which strengthens the cell walls in plants and helps the plant resist pests and diseases. 
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) will raise soil pH and help improve the chlorophyll (green pigment) in plants which in turn improves photosynthesis and plant growth. 
Natural Rock Phosphate is a natural source of phosphorus (P) and supports strong root development over longer periods.
Custom Blends – we also provide both standard and custom blends to suit your needs, contact our friendly team to discuss your needs and the options available. 
Packaging Options Most of our products are available in various packaging and delivery options including; Delivered and spread in bulk, Delivered in bulk, 1 tonne bags, ½ tonne bags or 25kg bags.

Best methods

Natural resources to increase yield

At Miriwinni Lime we supply all the necessary natural resources to maintain the optimal pH levels of your soil. When you use our quality products on your farm you’ll be assured of the best yield.

Are your soil PH levels correct? Find out more with the help of our handy Soil PH Guide.

Natural Health

Essential Minerals For Livestock

Calcium carbonate is an important component for the healthy growth and development of all livestock and domestic animals and is regularly used in feed supplements. It supports bone and skeleton development in young animals, helps with milk production in cattle, assists in the retention of nutrients and strengthens eggshells for egg laying hens.

Livestock Supplement Products

Supplying the highest quality natural calcium supplements for animal and poultry feeds, feedlot supplements and stock licks, these include:

Lime – (CaCO3) is a strong source of Calcium (Ca) and is used in stock feeds, aquaculture, and an inert filler in many other industrial applications. Powdered lime is popular in a variety of stock feed blends.
Fine Grit – is a 1mm sized calcium carbonate product that is manufactured at our Mt Garnet site using a standard crushing, milling, and sizing process. The finished product is off-white to grey in colour and is used in a variety of stockfeed blends and poultry feeds

The North Queensland Way

Our Farming Fleet

With our diverse range of custom-built spreaders and transport fleet you have more ways to get you products to where you want them to be. Have our products delivered in bulk or have us save you time and effort and do all the work for you using our purpose-built equipment.

Deliver & Spreading Services

Fully spread, delivered in bulk or collected from us, you make the choice. Let us look after your spreading. We have a range of equipment available including:

Truck Spreaders – with a 9.5m spreading width these spreaders are perfect for fallow ground, ratoon cane or pasture.
4×4 Truck Spreaders – excellent for fertilising pastures or soft country.
Tractor-Trailer Combinations – specifically designed for orchards, bananas or planted cane.
High Flotation Spreaders – suited for low impaction situations.

Queensland Resources

Mineral Deposits

All of our products come from naturally occurring mineral deposits in and around Queensland and we own and operate a vast majority of these sites ourselves. We do this to ensure we have direct access to the raw materials for our products and control and understand the supply chain, and have the ability to monitor and manage the quality of our products.

Where Our Limestone Is Sourced

  • Limestone (lime) is supplied and produced at Mt Garnet and Chillagoe in Queensland
  • Dolomite is supplied and produced at Mt Garnet in Queensland
  • Gypsum is supplied from several deposits around Winton in Queensland
  • Calcium Silicate is supplied and produced at Chilligoe in Queensland
  • Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Carbonate and Rock Phosphate are sourced via third party producers from deposits that are all located in Queensland

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