Strategically located in Tropical North Queensland, Miriwinni Lime is the perfect farming partner
We provide a range of products and a complete spreading service deemed to be among the best in the world. When you use our quality product on your farm you’ll be assured of the best yield for the best price.
We are locally owned with local knowledge and offer a superb service regime. At Miriwinni Lime we have all the necessary ingredients to leave you in a winning position.

We produce, manufacture, supply and have the best spreading service in the north
We are a family business supplying the sugar and agricultural industries since 1927
The formation of Miriwinni Lime in the 1970’S has been by far the biggest contribution by the Wilkins family to the sugar and agricultural industries of Far North Queensland.
Our company, which today is jointly owned by Max, Robert and Rusty Wilkins who, as a group, grow over 35,000 tonnes of sugar cane, are third generation cane farmers and have over the many years seen and have been involved with many changes to the sugar and agricultural Industries. ------ read more here >>

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